• Today, packaging has evolved incredibly both in production materials and construction methods used and so to in turn the role it plays in marketing. Pegasus Packaging has solutions for all types of businesses.

Pegasus packaging solutions Confectionery Stores cake boards and boxes

Patisserie Stores

The team at Pegasus Packaging is the ideal partner to provide you with everything for your partisserie store’s packaging requirements.

Pegasus packaging solutions bakeries greaseproof paper, plasticised paper bags, , carton boxes, carton cups and sweet wrappers


From greaseproof paper to plasticised paper bags, Pegasus Packaging can provide you with all your bakery’s needs.

Pegasus Packaging solutions retail stores paper and plastic bags

Retail Stores

Packaging adds value to your merchandise when it is offered in high-quality packaging. Whether in paper bags or plastic bags, the packaging is an integral part of your brand and the best mobile advertising.

  • With an emphasis on customer service, our sales team follows a detailed work progress system to ensure that all deadlines are met.
  • We care about our client’s business and that is why we listen and as a result we provide all the stages of packaging from concept, design, production, printing and delivery to your door.

We make sure that all our packaging materials are characterised by their high quality and have the appropriate certification whether it is the paper or printing inks used on the packaging materials that we offer. This is precisely the quality assurance that your business demands and which we offer.

With us our clients find innovative products and new ideas and because we are interested in our clients’ success we have industry leading and original solutions and whatever latest trend is available we follow both in terms of technology and aesthetics.

We are sensitive to the environment and promote as much as possible the use of ecological products which are environmentally friendly. In addition we remain constantly informed of all the modern materials which are now being developed and which combine aesthetics and environmental friendliness.

We ensure we offer products to our clients that do not harm the environment.