The team at Pegasus Packaging is the ideal partner to provide you with everything for your confectionery store’s packaging requirements.

Patisserie Stores

The team at Pegasus Packaging is the ideal partner to provide you with everything for your patisserie store’s packaging requirements.

Packaging such as paper boxes specifically designed and constructed with windows to allow the consumer to view your product including paper bags with windows, handle boxes, plastic bags and even luxury containers with food safe interior coatings.

We also cater for other packaging needs consisting of plasticised films and paper formica and even ribbons branded with your logo. We also have stickers and paper sweet wrappers, specialty moulds for sweets or chocolates.

All these types of packaging allow you to have your own customised print, emboss or even stamp your brand on them allowing you to increase your brand’s image and your businesses identity giving you the extra prestige your business and product deserve.

From greaseproof paper to plasticised paper bags, Pegasus Packaging can provide you with all your bakery's needs

Bakeries and Pastry Stores

From greaseproof paper to plasticised paper bags, Pegasus Packaging can provide you with all your bakery’s needs.

All your bakery’s needs and requirements for the packaging and transport of your products may be found under one roof with us and we are in a position to supply you with paper boxes, carton boxes, paper bags and greaseproof paper or plasticised paper bags and even carton cups, sweet wrappers and stickers.

Pegasus Packaging retail and clothing store solutions

Clothing and Retail Stores

Packaging adds value to your merchandise when it is offered in high-quality packaging. Whether in paper bags or plastic bags, the packaging is an integral part of your brand and the best mobile advertising.

Over the years companies have realised this incredible opportunity for marketing and the use of bags made from very good materials that will withstand time and enhance their brand as they are circulated around the city on a daily basis.

The team at Pegasus Packaging can find a wide variety of bags, designs and a combination of materials to create your own unique bag.

Pegasus Packaging Fast Food solutions

Grill Houses and Fast Food Stores

Fast Food packaging materials come in direct contact with food and of course are directly related to the health and safety of those who consume them. So when you use the highest quality packing materials it means that you have a great respect for your consumer.

From a marketing point of view, it stands to reason that one such professional is sure to also use the best and freshest ingredients for making food for their consumers.

It is no coincidence that large and successful international chains always use good quality packing materials.

At Pegasus Packaging you will find all types of packaging (specially coated tins, paper bags and greaseproof paper or food safe plasticised paper) that will guarantee the conservation of the food whilst maintaining the temperature of the food and as always in accordance with food hygiene regulations.

Pegasus Packaging Gift Shops solutions

Gift and Wrapping Stores

If you have a gift shop then we are in a position to offer you a specialised selection of packaging which will resolve the greatest challenge of catering for the varied needs of gift wrapping or packaging.

Gifts excite the imagination of those who accept them and open to discover their contents. Almost always a gift is a surprise for the person who receives it and that means satisfaction for the person who gives the gift as they enjoy the satisfaction of the surprise the gift brings.

A luxurious or a simple smart packaging solution adds value to the final product. Pegasus Packaging has a diverse variety of gift packages and talented staff so as to create a special custom package exclusively for the needs of your business and ultimately your customer. The team at Pegasus Packaging guarantees the best quality materials and workmanship for your packaging needs.

We look forward to your call and in assisting you with all your gift packaging ideas.